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Livemusik mit der besten Band Live Band BRUZZLER, die beste Cover Band Tribute und Cover Band Bruzzler toca los hits de: and the highlight of the show:

"BRUZZLER" toca con la perfección de un grupo musical completo, acompañado de su guitarra, y con mucho ritmo. El logra un sonido tan perfecto, que por su calidad, se podría comparar con un CD. Este es el símbolo de este "único" one man show de Austria.

Banda Rock How can a single musician produce the sound of a complete band?
With the most advanced electronics. "BRUZZLER" uses sequencers in the same way they are used in virtually all modern pop recordings. Accompanying instruments (such as bass&drums) are played by the sequencers, providing a solid rhythm for his exciting live performance.

Live ! Live ! Live !
Is it playback? No - WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get. "BRUZZLER" sings and plays live! The exciting live performance is enhanced by an individually programmed light show.

  • opener for Jon Bon Jovi, Ten Years After, Rainhard Fendrich ...
  • TV and radio appearances  
  • Harley-Davidson Europe
  • MOT (motor-bike fair in Graz)
  • Truck Grand Prix Austria

Cover band BRUZZLER live in Switzerland Live band BRUZZLER playing Kiss BRUZZLER - live band

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